make beer cheap

Now that I have your attention … time for the bait and switch. It very much depends on how much your beer budget is now. I’ll spoil the lede, I got my costs down to one dollar per 22 ounce beer. The end result, brewed to my tastes as it was, competed handily with some of the better beers on the shelves.

Now the for the asterisks you probably spotted from a mile away. Those costs are for ingredients only and assume free labor and existing equipment with no depreciation. So, not exactly huge savings over a decent Redhook for example.  Still a distinct improvement over your average five dollar bomber of craft brew, again providing that your labor is love.

A lot of ink has been spilled over homebrewing, and maybe the most delightful experience I had along the way was encountering the truly helpful community over on reddit /r/homebrewing. it was a marvel and deeply heartening to watch volunteers step forward to answer the same question that had been asked hundred times before.  (Did I wreck my beer? The answer was almost always no.)

A high-level summary of my technique: I skipped straight to all grain brewing beer in a bag which required a 7 gallon kettle, a nylon bag fermenting bucket and the Motley collection of well cleaned bomber bottles.  I took a few short cuts along the way. For the most part beer making has been overly shrouded in mystery.  Barley wants to be bread. Traditional beer has been made over the ages without hitting ones temps, using an aerating stone etc. etc.

Which is not to say that traditional beer was necessarily very good but rather the process is more flexible than you might guess from reading about it.  Except cleanliness. That is very important unless you like sour beers which is totally a thing.  And bottle bombs. Which really should not be.

As got more confidant, and was kicked out of the kitchen, I augmented my gear with a propane burner, a wort chiller various and sundry toys.  As a hobby it was great, as a way to save money not so much, as a way to make friends excellent. So why, you might ask, is my equipment gathering dust. I’ve heard beer referred to as liquid bread.  I can attest having an endless supply of liquid bread leads to the proverbial beer belly that was supposed to be a myth.

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