fitness tracker chore dump

We started a family step count game. The idea is simple: whoever wins the daily step count gets bragging rights. We keep a running tally of weekly victories. The weekly winner gets to assign the weekly loser a chore of their choice. I kitted each of us out with a Xiaomi Mi Fit 2. At Read More

smoked meat

So … what is the appeal of bacon? Sure, pork belly is utterly, incontrovertibly delicious. Nitrates, nitrites, salt, oh my. Maple syrup? Nah. It turns out its all about the smoke. How can you tell? Smoke something, anything really. It picks up a hint of bacony umami. Cheese, turkey, for the love of everything holy Read More

after a year of home roasting …

It is not all that hard to roast decent coffee at home.  The trick, for me at least, is to remain open to different flavor profiles and to accept a few degrees of variation from roast to roast.  That counts double if you are a little less scientific in your process. I use a Gene Read More

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