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no look bread

4 parts flour 3 parts water 1 tsp yeast 1 tbl salt First there was no-knead bread, now for … well, not really. But definitely no measure. I’ve made this equally satisfactorily in a Cusinart and a stand mixer. Add about 4 cups of flour, maybe a teaspoon of yeast and probably a tablespoon of Read More


Seems like every culture has it own spin on fermented cabbage. Sauerkraut, kimchee and, obviously,  curtido?  On a recent trip to Central America we were fascinated by cabbage relish served with regional pupusas.  Every restaurant and food stall had a slightly different take on the recipe and all were deservedly proud of their results. The Read More

make beer cheap

Now that I have your attention … time for the bait and switch. It very much depends on how much you budget for beer. Lemmee spoil the lede, I got my costs down to one dollar per 22oz beer. The end result, brewed to my taste, competed handily with the better beers on the shelf. Read More

homemade vinegar

Bottle ends are a problem that plagues casual and, ahem, more serious wine drinkers alike. The remnants of that bottle of wine that, though good enough at the time, is honestly not improving with age. Rather than drain it down the sink or worse, gritting your teeth and drinking it, consider turning it into vinegar. Read More

bacon popcorn

Maybe this is obvious but it was enough of a revelation that I thought I’d document it. After flirtations with curry flavored coconut oil popped popcorn (excellent), I cast around for other ways to impart a unique flavor to popcorn. My Irish immigrant father kept a jar of bacon fat in the fridge when I Read More

markov boyfriend

Reading about artificially generated tweets from a certain (in)famous twit got me thinking about an idea I had for a plug-in to my chat app. There was a time, before I implemented the chat app, when I was not the most communicative husband. In my defense, I was deep in code in a state of Read More

smoked pork butt

After reading through “Franklin Barbecue, a Meat Smoking Manifesto,” I was inspired to knock the dust off of my Bradley smoker. The results were impressive enough that my resident food critic/wife requested that I write down the recipe. So without further ado here it is: Get your hands on a pork butt. Mine weighed 4 Read More

skinner whole house

While mucking around with whole house automation I arrived at the inevitable point when I needed something to actually do with all the cool technology that almost worked. Having devoted entirely too much time to the process of raising and training a miniature human my first instinct was to make my task is parent easier. Read More

couples therapy chat

As part of a more general initiative to take ownership of my data by hosting it myself, I cobbled together a chat app.  My target audience is limited to me and my wife mostly discussing logistics. A fancy way of phrasing “what’s for dinner”, “there is nothing in the fridge”, “what time are we supposed Read More


Jayne was an automated yelling and nagging entity. She was my early attempt at a whole house AI before that was a thing.  She was definitely artificial but not particularly intelligent. She ruled our house from my daughter’s kindergarten until third grade. What follows are a few observations about the experience. Before her retirement Jayne Read More

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