Month: August 2018


Seems like every culture has it own spin on fermented cabbage. Sauerkraut, kimchee and, obviously,  curtido?  On a recent trip to Central America we were fascinated by cabbage relish served with regional pupusas.  Every restaurant and food stall had a slightly different take on the recipe and all were deservedly proud of their results. The Read More

make beer cheap

Now that I have your attention … time for the bait and switch. It very much depends on how much you budget for beer. Lemmee spoil the lede, I got my costs down to one dollar per 22oz beer. The end result, brewed to my taste, competed handily with the better beers on the shelf. Read More

homemade vinegar

Bottle ends are a problem that plagues casual and, ahem, more serious wine drinkers alike. The remnants of that bottle of wine that, though good enough at the time, is honestly not improving with age. Rather than drain it down the sink or worse, gritting your teeth and drinking it, consider turning it into vinegar. Read More